We have reduced our carbon footprint and our water footprint!


We have reduced our carbon footprint and our water footprint!

7 February, 2018 By

Remember what the carbon footprint was?

The carbon footprint is the totality of greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted by direct or indirect effect by an individual, organization, event or product, that is, it is the impact, the legacy that you leave in the world with your way of consuming and produce as an individual or in this case, as Flor de Doñana Biorganic company.


We lower our water footprint and our carbon footprint!

 As we already told you in a previous post on our blog, reducing the environmental impact of our crops for Flor de Doñana Biorganic is vital, we believe that only by worrying about the future we will be able to be an ecological production company in the widest sense of the word, with all the responsibilities that entails!.

And we are proud to be able to show you the latest graphics that reflect our impact on the earth, each one reduced, thanks to all the improvements and measures that we take every year to develop state-of-the-art techniques on energy consumption, water consumption, and footprint that we leave in our environment. Soon we will start a study on the Water Footprint in collaboration with the University of Córdoba.

Results for the 2015/2016 period

Both the carbon footprint and the water footprint are measured annually, on a specific unit of measurement, in our case, we have done it on 1 kg of rich and healthy strawberries from our fields !.

  • In CO2 there is a total decrease of 12%



  • In total water used there is a decrease of 68.2% due mainly to the use of more productive varieties, that is, higher productions are obtained with the same amount of water used. In addition to work aimed at preventing diseases that can reduce these productions.



Our objetive!

Flor de Doñana Biorganic aims to reach the status of Carbon Neutral, that is, to reach the minimum possible CO2 emissions and compensate for that minimum by helping nature in other ways such as, for example, the planting of trees, planting and maintenance of living hedges, and recovery of natural meadows. In this way we pretend that our footprint left on the planet is so small that it is hardly noticeable!



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