The Best Christmas Gift


The Best Christmas Gift

7 February, 2018 By

What to give at Christmas?

The eternal dilemma, right ?, I imagine that it will also happen to you in these dates, after saints, birthdays, anniversaries, and dates indicated throughout the year, Christmas arrives and … we have to go back to think what to give !. Besides, not just any gift, it has to be THE PERFECT GIFT, that is, original, practical, fun, surprising (but not too much), that goes with your tastes, that is not very expensive (please) … total, a mess mixed with all the typical preparations of these dates.

The perfect present

And if we start at the beginning ?, we will lay the foundations of the game … the perfect gift … it does not exist! … tachánnn !, and now, starting from the reality that we will find it easier to find that detail that cheers the hearts of our loved ones 🙂 A few years ago, talking to an old friend, he told me … “arrived at this point in life where we all have everything (or almost), so that we can give more things, our houses are full of things that we do not use , and that we do not need, why continue the wheel? … for a few years at home and we just gave us experiences. ” It seemed the best idea in the world (!), Because experiences become experiences and these in turn become memories, and honestly, is there something more beautiful than giving a memory? There is nothing that lasts so long in our retina.

So it became clear to me, the gift-things pick up lint and the experience-gifts become beautiful, enduring memories, as Clooney would say: What’s else?

3 gift ideas for men, women, parents, mothers, sweethearts, friend … for Christmas or anytime

1 Organic red fruits, as they say, I will start “sweeping for home”, what better than to give a gourmet experience, the best organic red fruits, delicious, sweet, crispy, with the right touch of acidity, a trip to taste of the strawberries of your childhood, 100% organic, a lot of flavor and health for your loved ones.

From what you accompany it, we leave it to your imagination. Exquisite with a good champagne for example 😉

You just have to place your order in our online store and happiness will be made red fruits to your home in less than 48 hours.

2 How about an entrance ?, You could give her an entrance to that musical with which she has been dreaming to go for a long time, to a concert, to the opera, to see a local singer, a monologue where you laugh until you It hurts the gut, an exhibition that there are those days in the city, one to make you a “room escape”! (click on the word if you do not know what it is).

3 A  getaway, do you have the budget for a weekend ?, great !, for one night ?, perfect, to make an excursion in the day to a nearby town ?, ideal, you can only escape for a few hours ?, enough! : D A good breakfast in that place your favorite, or in that new one that we always say that we are going to go and we never go. Or prepare a picnic (strawberries include) to take a walk and then be able to have a drink in that charming spot. Go to lunch at a nearby site, the beach in winter if you have it nearby is a pass, the mountain to enjoy the forest and its smells.

A walk with coffee in the park of your city, the one that flips you but you never have time with daily life to stop to contemplate, re-discover your town or city and its surroundings, without hurry, it’s always a good idea 🙂

Accompanied by our loved ones, any place is … the best of all

Thanks for reading, Merry Christmas!


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