Social Responsibility in Organic Farming


Social Responsibility in Organic Farming

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Organic farming, a way of life

Ecological and regenerative agriculture is a different way of seeing nature, from a conception of the world as an unlimited reserve of resources, to a systemic vision of life as an organic and living whole.

Where sustainability occurs at all levels, environmentally, economically and socially.

Today we will talk more in depth about our social responsibility policy.

This way of doing agriculture is socially cohesive, creating employment and local wealth, uniting the people of the environment in a new perspective.

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Social responsibility policy in Flor de Doñana Biorganic

We believe that a united, satisfied and ultimately happy work team is one of the keys to achieving a better company for the world and, therefore, for ourselves.

To begin with, 99% of our workforce are local workers. As we mentioned before, it is an important part of regenerative agriculture or permaculture, creating wealth and wellbeing at the local level, giving job opportunities to neighbors, to the community.

Flor de Doñana Biorganic, we are more than 80% women, in field, warehouse and in the office. For this reason the family conciliation is real, we have days from 09:30 to 13:30.

It also rests two days a week, the rest days are taken as seriously as the work days, you have to disconnect and recharge batteries!

We promote a good work environment, fair relationships between workers, as well as throughout the organizational structure. We do it through talks, trainings, events, etc, we are partners and we all go to one.

Within the Collective Agreement of the Field of Huelva, revised every two years, usually raise the salary always well below 1%, we did not want to wait and we have already increased it by 3%.

The workers have their elected representative by vote.

We have a suggestion box, and thanks to that, we have improved many points that help us work more comfortably.

This is one of the documents that we signed upon entering Flor de Doñana Biorganic.

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Certifications that guarantee our social commitment

Thanks to 18 years of hard work, Flor de Doñana Biorganic has the most important ecological certifications (click here if you want to know them), which guarantee the highest standards of quality and traceability in your fruit as well as in the whole process from the origin of the plant until arrival at the final point of sale.

We also have valuable certifications that ensure social commitment, business integrity, health, safety and welfare of our workers.

Our social responsibility policy is high and clear.

Good Agricultural Practices do not only apply to products, but also to people.

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