Organic Baby Leeks


Organic Baby Leeks

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A Gourmet Experience

These small and delicious bites called Leeks Baby are harvested six weeks earlier than the common leeks. Once harvested, they are immediately washed in the field for subsequent packaging.

Its sweet flavor and pleasant texture make it go to almost any dish. They are tender and tasty, very appreciated in haute cuisine since they have a wide repertoire of presentation.

They can be consumed raw in salad, to make vichyssoise, stir-fry or make cakes or pies with baby leeks. It is also used as an ingredient in stews, vegetable stews. This type of leeks marry very well with other vegetables, especially celery, in the preparation of vegetable broths.

puerros baby ecológicos

In The Field

The baby leek production season goes from the beginning of autumn to the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere, it is possible to find it in the market throughout the year.

In our beloved surroundings of Doñana they develop in a sensational way. The cultivation of this species helps biodiversity and largely prevents soil erosion.

The pleasant winters make these lands an area with an ideal climate for the cultivation of these leeks.

Along with all the aforementioned characteristics, we combine organic farming with its innumerable benefits at all levels, which make the result spectacular.



In the kitchen

As we mentioned earlier, this variety of leeks gives for many healthy and appetizing recipes. It is a liliaceous that is distinguished by having a low caloric content and a large amount of fiber, which is why it is considered laxative, diuretic and antiseptic. It is also a magnificent antioxidant that helps us fight against free radicals.

From Flor de Doñana Biorganic we advise you to eat them in fresh salads, grilled they are exquisite, in rice dishes it gives an extraordinary touch, as well as accompaniment to balance dishes with protein.

We leave this recipe with a great pint and easy to make.

Baby Leeks Recipe


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