Biodegradable Containers and Organic Red Fruits


Biodegradable Containers and Organic Red Fruits

14 December, 2018 By

New Biodegradable Containers

After years of hard work, we can announce that together with our packaging company we have found the perfect biodegradable packaging for our organic fruit, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries.

It has not been easy, given the delicacy of the ecological red fruits, but today we can tell you that we are … super happy !. Our goal is to have the least possible impact on the ecosystem, you know all the measures we take every day for it, both to take care of our environment, and its people.

huella carbono


Reduce the use of plastic

If you have read this far, it is because, like us, the “plastic issue” worries us a lot, so much so that we do not cease our efforts and invest all our resources in eliminating it from our bottles and containers, as well as from the field, because this is another of the great advances of this season, the plastic that is used in “the ridge” to protect the plant is biodegradable and compostable !.

This translates into a very important drop in our carbon footprint, since this plastic can mix and stir with the earth without problems at the end of the campaign. Although the one we used before was recycled and recyclable, in the end really what you have to try is to use biodegradable and compostable containers.

We go direct to the Neutral Carbon Footprint!

fresa eco compostable y biodegradable


Ecological Agriculture as a means and end

Our daily motivation is to cultivate in a respectful way with the environment, we have the great luck of being at the doors of the Doñana National Park, a precious ecosystem where we have grown and we want our children, grandchildren and following generations to be able to live and enjoy it.

To do this, we believe that organic farming is a means, we are 300 families that caring, respecting and working the field we manage to lead a dignified and full life, protecting the fauna and flora of the earth, from a bee to a deer, we are all same as important.

Organic farming is an end in itself, we make this way of farming a reason to preserve the health of soil, water, and all the biodiversity that surrounds us, is our way of life, and we are proud of it.

temporeros ecológico

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