Challenge organic red fruits with the vegan chef Míriam Fabà


Challenge organic red fruits with the vegan chef Míriam Fabà

7 February, 2018 By

Veganeando and Flor de Doñana

Personally we followed Míriam for a few years, we love her healthy cooking blog and her Instagram stories, she always encourages us the day 🙂

Her recipes are vegan, simple and as she says, capricious (that is, delicious). He always tries to use organic foods and raw materials, because he knows well the importance of a diet based on organic products, both for his own health and for the health of the planet and its animals.

So much for their sympathy as for their values, very similar to ours, we really wanted to work hand in hand, in pursuit of promoting a healthy diet and the importance of organic farming for the conservation of the ecosystem.


burritos adopta el refugio

Ecological agriculture

In the world of organic farming, business relationships quickly become personal relationships, customers soon become friends because we all play on the same side and the truth is a wonderful feeling, makes us go home happy every day because we always This feeling of “doing things right” accompanies us.

And that is why with Miriam we have a fantastic harmony and we hope to continue collaborating together for many years, here is a small sample hehehe.


frutos rojos ecologicos venganeando

Veganeando and Flor de Doñana jumping a lot.

Challenge organic red fruits

This healthy challenge is very simple, 1 week, 7 recipes with organic red fruits, every day you will discover a new recipe with its explanatory video, at the end of the week Míriam will send you an ebook with all the recipes so you can consult them whenever you want: D, great, no?

To do this you just have to sign up for the Veganeando newsletter here at

All the necessary red fruits you can buy them in our online store, by clicking HERE.

Encourage us to participate and share your recipes with us through Facebook, Instagram or Twiter, we will love to see them! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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